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My story.

I  started Slight Spirits in 2021 completely out of spite. I had my original dream of owning my own liquor store yanked right out from under me. After tending my bruised ego I decided to dream bigger. "If I couldn't have my own liquor store, I'll have my own liquor instead", and that is where Slight comes from. I have had a true passion for the alcohol industry since my first liquor store job in 2016. I cannot wait to see the future of this brand unfold. 

    Our Story.

    I may have bottled this spirit in spite but, as the brand gains popularity it has become so much more than my bottled emotions. Slight is for anyone and everyone that has ever been made to feel incapable or incompetent. When first playing with the idea of creating a liquor brand, I was not always met with well wishes. People laughed at me, thought I was lying, even went out of their way to tell others I was clueless. It can be difficult to keep moving forward when it feels as though people are actively against you or expect you to fail. No one deserves to be treated as though their goals are unattainable. Slight is what we toast our haters with even in our pettiest victories. We live our best and happiest lives in spite of those who said we couldn't. Starting this brand is my story, everything that comes next is ours.


    Slight strives to be your inspiration and victory drink.

    Remember to never listen to the people who couldn't even begin to dream as big as us. 

    Cheers to us and our futures.

    Tanner Conklin

    Slight Spirits


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

    Tanner Conklin (founder)

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